Immortality: When (soon) and How





Kurzweil Defends Predictions for 2009, Says He is 102 for 108.

Ray Kurzweil does not understand the brain: "He seems to have the tech media convinced that he’s a genius, when he’s actually just another Deepak Chopra for the computer science cognoscenti." from science


Is it at all possible that Ray Kurzweil is full of shit? from Futurology

I think Kurzweil is usually wrong in his software predictions. Voice recognition and A.I. are way behind what he or anyone thought they’d be at by now. It’s a harder problem than was previously thought.

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Double that for biology. The idea that we will have people living to be 150 years old, when modern medicine has yet to add one minute of life span to the human body, is fairytale stuff.

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Life expectancy and life span are two different things. We haven’t moved life span one inch. Our parts wear out and we die, and we have made zero progress on slowing that process. Even if we had a major breakthrough in bioreactor grown organs in the next few years, your brain would still wear out and it’s one part I sure wouldn’t want replaced. I’d put the probability of life extending technology being created this century on par with cold fusion or antigravity.

Singularity University

Like all good religions, the Singularity religion now has a fake college you can attend. $25,000 buys you nine weeks at Singularity University where you can listen to Ray Kurzweil and his fellow Singularitarians explain how you are on the way to becoming a cyborg, all the while hanging out with the sort of people who think the Singularity is coming. It’s like real college, but you don’t have to learn anything and you don’t get a degree at the end of it.


It’s a bit like gartners hype curve,

in the beginning it will come in twenty years (but that’s overly optimistic)

ten years later, it will come in 20 years for real

ten years later people got used to ‘it’s always 20 years away’ but in reality it’s only 10 years away

Ray Kurzweil is taking us toward a singularity of stupid.

This supposedly revolutionary system is being pushed hard by Ray Kurzweil, that insane lunatic who’s behind all that talk of The Singularity, that moment after which the future will be incomprehensible to us and impossible to predict because of how goddamn fast progress will be going.

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