So yes … Mark tried to save Facebook from auto destroying it self because of the bad, unrequested and useless news content.

This cause some pain for the news papers … and television channels, like it caused to many other people who depended on the Facebook page for traffic and for their business, including me.

As i predicted before this means war, and it was just a matter of time until the News sites would strike back for the pain it was caused to them and try to destroy Facebook.

And they did it with a story which have no real base or power of accusation against Facebook. As .. said, when the news say the People care, worries, want etc actually means nobody cares, it’s just some news to get attention.

Cambridge Analytica story is pretty much useless, not interesting and banal. It brings nothing new,  yes your profile is visible to your friends (obviously) and there was nothing wrong with this. Do you really don’t expect that companies will gather this information and use it ? And the amazing power of Cambridge Analytica and what it it done with the info … yea right … humans are not so easily manipulated …

And for this battle we have a win for news agencies … Facebook has lost over $100 B in market cap and Mark Zuckerberg lost a massive $4.9 billion yesterday and more and more … but in the end they did not catch Facebook doing anything wrong, just some hype and some vicious attack … which probably will be forgotten  and Facebook  will recover the losses if the market does not go in any strange direction, but the war is on, and from now on probably Facebook and Mark will be forever hunted and haunted and caught for any small mistake, which on the long run will be bad for the company …


let’s not forget … Google would be in the same situation if it tries to break the favor it made for the news Agencies and sooner or later it has to this because the quality of Google search is dropping at the same rate as the ECPM on adwords so it just a matter of  time until somebody would become more relevant … (or more exactly a matter of time until somebody could provide traffic to the small sites ….)

ps ps.


It’s only a matter of time until news agencies will try to completely take over Google and Facebook …. because you (Google & Facebook) made them too powerful and they will try to be the new Kings of tech attention grabbing and traffic … .

So enjoy your monsters, i will get my popcorn and watch the show.

ps ps ps…

why you destroyed ?

Interesting and obvious

Why … Mark why did you go there … it just make no sense … it; just all a show hearing =)) wtf



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