Almost nobody is doing Antiaging Research At least not in any meaningful way.
You read the title, aging cured, trial started, aging reversed and so and so.
But is all a big fat lie. There is not progress, no cure, nobody living forever, not even living 120 years.
Most of the aniaging science community is NOT doing anything useful, they are just trying to do some Caloric Restriction mimetics.
But this is pointless and useless because even with perfect emulation, 100% results, there not too much to gain, yes maybe you can delay some aging diseases but THERE WILL BE NO INCREASE IN THE MAXIMUM HUMAN LIFE SPAN!!!
Yes mouse medium lifespan is increased with a maximum of 30%-40% on some rare individuals, BUT ONLY for Laboratory Mouse (The one’s specially selected to be sedentary and fat), but the effect on wild mouse is much smaller or even negative.
And the transition to humans is not working as expected. Yes CR will will save some people so instead of them dying at 60 they will go closer to 90years and maybe will increase the life expectancy for some people from 90 to 100 but THAT’s all it can do.

There is no way to increase the maximum life span with out fixing the aging damage, and all this scientist are just losing their time and lying to the public with their new fad: Resveratrol, NAD+ and pseudo science: Telomere Elongation, Myostatin inhibition

A Report from the 2nd Scripps Symposium on the Biology of Aging

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