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June 2017 –CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

" How Aging Research Is Changing Our Lives - An interview with Eric Verdin, CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. - By Katharine Walter

bla bla bla ... we spend millions of dollars every year and also get millions of dollars from NIH to do aging research

bla bla bla ...

 in the ’90s ... identified unique mutations that could actually increase lifespan ... in C. elegans WORM, you can make a single change in one whole organism, and you can double its lifespan! 

That by itself was mindboggling for a lot of people and suggested there might be pathways to regulate aging, and if there are pathways that means there are proteins, and that means you can eventually develop drugs.

Today we’re at a point where people are considering starting clinical trials. This is why there is so much excitement and interest.

Every decade over the last hundred years, lifespan has increased by two years. That’s amazing because we’ve gone from an average life expectancy in the 1900s, which was around 47, to 77 today.

Exercise is an incredible anti-aging medicine.

The thing that you and I can do today is nutrition and exercise. 

Exercise is an incredible anti-aging medicine. It’s the best that we have today and I suspect that we’ll have for a while. People who exercise regularly live healthier and longer than people who don’t. Nutrition is also really key, and this is an area where we learned about how much carbohydrates you eat versus fat. Should you be fasting? Should you be doing episodic fasting? All of this is being studied right now. Jack LaLanne was one of the first gurus of exercise in the U.S. and said, “Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together, and you have a kingdom.” I think it’s a beautiful saying—that’s what I tell everyone who asks me, “What should I take?” I say don’t take anything, just don’t eat too much and exercise regularly, and you will be fine.

Next, are the drugs that we are working on today... 

Get the f*ck out of here. WTF? Are you serious. You are spending millions of dollars to come up with: Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen???????????? 
A quote from Jack Lalanne who lived to age 96, a good age but not even 100.
And he also written some great books: Live young Forever which did not work he did not lived forever, and also seem pretty old if you check his pictures.

The problem is that the advice for exercise and good diet is GARBAGE. It just does not work. Is like going with the car at the mechanic and he recommends you to Walk more and your car will break less. Also use public transportation.

Yes they discovered that altering one gene in a work make it live longer, but that was almost 30 years ago, and then we discovered that even with the pathways conserved the effect in more complex life forms does not translate, and organisms like humans will have much lower benefits like 10% life extension ... if we are lucky ...

Buck institute is still living in the 90's, and the drugs they are working on? Don't worry hey are trying to put Diet and Physical exercise in a pill, but you Can't exercise and diet your way to agelessness
@Buck Insitute: You forgot to recommend Yoga for a complete treatment ...


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