Because the world is a massive pile of garbage with an overwhelming amount of unsatisfactory content, which includes the following:

Poorly thought-out laws that affect our everyday lives (Net Neutrality, high tax brackets, etc)
A bland playerbase restricted by region or whatever you can afford to travel to.
Scammers trying to scam you of your inventory.
Sexism, with men thinking of women being less than men because “girls can’t play games durr hurr hurr” and women judging men who carry smaller rupie bags or have 480p character models.
Poorly optimized neighborhoods consisting of ghetto folk, drug addicts and other players from different servers that recently crashed (I’m looking at you, Middle-East)
Quests have been removed: no new lands with new inhabitants to explore and don’t get me started on fetch quests. And if a quest does become possible it’s only accessible as paid DLC.
Limited by sleep. Can’t explore continuously without end.
Options for increasing your stats (Strength, Intellect, Faith) costs money. Advancement in intelligence costs more than anything else these days.

Overall, all the players in all the regional servers need to be banned, with all the servers needing to be shut down for a while. This is why I play video games and don’t spend time with people, who are mostly boring, shallow, or out to get you.


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