He’s 37, and has a net worth of around $740 million, invested in real estate, art, and various investment funds.

Out of curiosity, I decided to calculate how much money Mr. Kushner would need to spend in order to lose money, assuming 4% annual return on his current investments. In this scenario, Mr. Kushner quits his jobs and stops earning any wages. He retires from work completely, and just lets his assets appreciate.

If he does this, he will earn approximately $29,600,000 a year. Doing nothing. After taxes, a conservative estimate of his net earnings would be $17,700,000.

This translates to roughly $48,493 per day.

Try to imagine how one might spend $48,493 a day. That’s a brand new BMW sedan per day. That’s 14 round-trip, first class tickets to Paris per day. He could spend $1,000 at every meal, buy Ivanka a $5,000 necklace every afternoon, stand on Trump Tower and throw $30,000 in cash down to the peasants below, and still be $10,000 richer when he goes to bed that night.

And he can do all this without lifting a finger.


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