How much is 2 at the power 50 ?

,099,511,628,800 x 1024 = 1,125,899,907,891,200. Which is the same as 250. So the answer is: The value of 2 to the power of 50 is 1,125,899,907,891,200.

Telomere Length as Presently Measured Does Not Predict Atherosclerosis Risk

Telomere Length is a statistical observation, however, and it is has more than enough individual variation to be a pretty terrible measure of aging for any practical use. So it isn’t unexpected to see observations like this one, in which average telomere length in immune cells is shown to have little to no relationship to a specific outcome in aging:

Why is should matter? when the disease mechanism is something different.



but this matters:

Single Gene Mutation Reduces Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Humans


This is how science is done … by newspapers also … just trow some old invalid shit there

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