No we don’t …
And this conclusion is wrong on so many levels!!!!
The correct conclusion from all the data is that aging acceleration stops when it reaches some critical speed.
But no, Michael Rose conclusions was that aging stops because Fruit flies death curve remains constant after some time. It remained fucking constant at X > 0. When aging stops the death rate should drop to 0 or to the minimum death rate (usually when and organism is very young).
The fact that the mortality (chance of dying) remains at some high value it means that aging then progress at a no longer increasing rate but constant rate, usually generating a mortality of 60% / year for humans.
And then all kinds of “55 Theses” conclusions, that you need to eat paleo so your stop aging at age 40-45 is total bullshit and illogical. The aging(deterioration) speed stops when the body decay is very big because of some very simple reasons. Stopping decay speed is not possible for an individual, the result is a statistical event happening for a POPULATION when there is already preselection (death) of fast aging individuals, when the remaining population are (so obviously clear because of the preselection) the slow aging individuals, so slow that there rate of increasing mortalithy remains constant, but not 0, actually a 60% chance of dying.
If aging would stop the population would remain constant because nobody would die, if aging would remain constant at the levels of a young population the population will no longer die exponentially, but will remain allmoust constant and very few individuals will die every year. (1%).
But because aging is still working at some specific rate, all population will eventually die in a small fixed interval of time. If aging would stop some individuals will have 10x 100x lifespans easily. But maximum life span of the species does not increase 10x, meaning that agign continues the decay with a constant speed much bigger than 0.

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