If this was possible we would already see people living more than 120 years … better yet living more than 110 years.

You would see 200 years old Shaolin Monks, what better than a life of Meditation, Physical Training, Veganism and Vegetarianism … but the reality is that while Exercise and Diet are reducing the rate of aging accumulation by 25% it can not beat death and aging.


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Give it to me straight. What is the longest I could possibly live?

Scientifically speaking, the odds of living to 127 at the moment are one in a trillion, which means it’s not happening. Living to anywhere between 115 and 120, you have what I call “probable impossible,” I’d say there’s about a 1 percent chance, but there’s still a possibility. Between 120 and 127, the odds of surviving really begin to disappear totally. When we look at the statistics, we have currently 2,500 cases of people 110 plus. Of those, by the age of 118, only two. When you’re going from 2,500 to two in just eight years, to me that’s scary. Humans seem to have a warranty period of about 100 years. The average cell divides every two years. Cells divide about 50 times. To get to 115, you’d have to age about 15 percent slower than normal. Basically, Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122, was called the Michael Jordan of aging. The point was that all the practice in the world isn’t gonna make you play basketball like Michael Jordan. OK? On the other hand, if Michael Jordan never practiced, he wouldn’t be as good as he was. So you have to fulfill your potential by trying to do the best you can do, but at the same time, you can’t make yourself a longevity star.



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