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Interesting Stuff on the Web

BioShock Artbook
Everyone should be able to experience the beauty of BioShock,
see the concept art and visualize the evolution of building such a
revolutionary game. So, here it is: BioShock: Breaking the Mold
- for everyone to download,two PDF versions: a smaller, ebook
download, and a more hi-resolution version that you can take to
your local printshop and bind.

We recommend skipping over Ken's foreword until after
you've played the game, as it holds some spoilers.

Download the low res artbook (15 MB)
Download the high res artbook (75 MB)

Ninja Theory
Heavenly Sword is a next generation game developed by leading
games developer Ninja Theory located in Cambridge UK.

Don't click it!
An interesting website where you don't have to click anything.
The content changes automatically by holding for a time the
mouse cursor over an item. Quite an impressive project!

Learn with pictures, not words!
In Pictures online tutorials are based on pictures, not words, the
easiest way to learn computer subjects. There's no complicated
multimedia, just pictures that will show you exactly what to do.

Windows XP Tips and Tricks
Many usual and registry tricks to improve and speedup
your Windows performance.
Galactic Dream Rage of War Demo
WEBI.ORG / Open Source Shooting Games
Includes: Alien Arena 2007, Open Quartz, CUBE,
The Doomsday Engine, Chromium, Tremoulos, Argonium,
Enemy Territory Fortress, Marathon, Sauerbraten,
America's Army, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

99 Killer Videogame Secrets of All Times
A very interesting article of game cheating and hidden secrets,
including Halo 2 super jump glitch and the Tomb Raider
nude patch by SonofTheShiningPath.

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