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Galactic Dream
Galactic Dream is our first try in game development
field and it is possible that we will get back to
the project some time in the future.
Galactic Dream Rage of War
A space-based strategy game in which three species were fighting for their very survival,
this game had some similarities with
the classic Master of Orion.

You were given a starbase from the very start
of the game and a whole buch of technologies
to research. The combat units had abilites
and personal upgrades which make each
one of them unique.

Galactic Dream: Rage of War
Built on the old engine, Galactic Dream:
Rage of War has more than 50 different units
and buildings, each playing its own part in
the galactic war.

Two races will battle across the galaxy, as
the Terrans struggle for survival. Immerse yourself into the epic world of Galactic Dream
by playing through a tale about choosing
sides and about how one man can make
a difference, despite all odds and obstacles facing him.

Control over hundred of units, fast creation
of armies, cool unit dialogs, intriguing story, simultaneous and complex building tasks
- these are all features that will make:

[ Galactic Dream: Rage of War ]

the ultimate real time strategy game in space.

The game is available to TRY and BUY
at RageofWar .NET.

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