We are looking for collaborators for an action-oriented MMO


Once with the completion of our first project we intend to enlarge our team. If you want to work in game development, if you can be dedicated and serious, you enjoy what you do and you've got what it takes, then we would love to hear from you.

It is YOUR CHANCE to show the world who you are; to be able to proudly say later: "I worked on that!"
recruiting 2d artist

What we want to achieve...

...a third person action MMO with a strong focus on twitch combat, with a large open and dynamic world, having different architectural styles and cultural influences, taking place in a post-apocalyptic world where new nations start to flourish on the ruins of advanced civilizations.

The world will mix many artistic themes, having a saturated color palette with bright, sunlit cities, but also with dark, damp and lush forests, combining brutal, bloody violence with bright blue skies and lush green fields. The characters will have a pseudo realistic anime theme, the focus being on very dynamic and expressive characters, with great detail to clothing and movement, as well as their integration with the environment.

One Soul Army takes place in world beset by conflict; countless millennia of war have darkened the minds of the world's nations, and now a terrible apocalypse is at hand as a demonic entity is set to bring forth a new era of darkness. Magic is reborn from the ashes of the ancients and knowledge once commonplace is erased from history. Mankind, struggling to preserve its identity against the demonic onslaught, unites under one empire, an empire led by the divine warriors of the dragon seal. Only they can lead the last legion of mankind to the depths of hell and back.

Download Concept Art...
Wallpaper 1 - 1600x1000 | 1280x1024 | 1024x768
Wallpaper 2 - 1280x1024 | 1024x768

What we need...
We are looking for partners, as associates who will work with us toward a common goal,
in our case the creation of a 15 minutes demo, in order to present it to a publisher who can invest
in the continuation of the project.

We are in permanent search for talented...
                                                                2D & 3D Artists
                                                                Concept & Texture Artists

                                                                Game & Level Designers
                                                                Animators & Narrators
                                                                Programmers (experienced with OGRE)

...creative individuals who can dedicate their spare time to a project and be serious about it. Anyone who believes that he/she can bring valuable ideas to this project is also invited to join us. Think to this as to an investment into your future; some people will pay good money to see how development companies out there create their games from scratch to retail. All we ask from you is dedication and genuine interest towards One Soul Army.

All concepts are copyright Evolution Vault. All rights reserved!

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Availability: until Fall 2008. Sorry, but this announcement has expired.

Please note that the tasks you will need to perform will not depend on you exclusively, as we already have our own people in charge of particular design sections. You will work from home in your free time, and we will discuss a fee later, when we will have an investing proposal OR it's even possible that we will hire you, provided that we are satisfied with your work.

Should you be interested in being part of our team, feel free to contact us on Y! Messenger to
discuss the matter online; or you can send us an e-mail with your portfolio and/or questions.

Evolution Vault -- Iasi, Romania
business email

Y! Messenger: sgchr

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